16 Vital Vehicle Gadgets And Accessories You Should Have

Start your engines, ladies and gentlemen, because the best list of interesting car gadgets and accessories has come! You’ll be pumped for these game-changing road trip basics that everyone from frequent travelers to long-haul truck drivers would love to have on their road excursions.

Every brilliant automotive accessory on this list is working overtime to keep you safe, organize your adventure, and make your travel a little more enjoyable. Every excellent item on this list will turn your whip into the future’s ride, and your cigarette lighter will become your new favorite outlet.

Don’t put the brakes on this list, which includes anything from easy-to-install classics like car seat warmers to high-tech items you didn’t realize you needed, like Amazon Alexa-powered devices for your car. To customize your car, you’ll want to get these as soon as possible. Check out these useful vehicle gadgets and accessories.


Windscreen Driving Display

With this unusual device that needs no electricity, you can keep your eyes on the road even if you need a little help from Google Maps. Heads Up is a hands-free device that sits on your dashboard, cradling your phone and mirroring your navigation on a clear glass screen.


Smart Rear-view Mirror

You’ll feel like you’re in the year 2050 if you replace your rear-view mirror with a smart version. It has all of the features that you’d expect. It has a front and rear camera, can display instructions, and can even help you select the perfect road trip tune.


Miniature Tire Air Inflator

This little but powerful device is a purse-sized alternative to bulky and large tire inflators. It may be palm-sized, but it has enough PSI to re-inflate a tire in a matter of minutes. This handy tool can make the difference if you need to inflate your tire and can’t reach a gas station, if a spare isn’t an option.


Car Inflatable Air Mattress

With an inflatable air mattress, you can turn your automobile into a mobile hotel that is a million times comfier than lying across the back seat. The inflatable air bed can accommodate up to two people and includes pillows.


License Plate Back Up Camera

It’s never been easier to install a backup camera in your vehicle. A screen that fits easily over most rear-view mirrors and a camera that slides over your license plate are included with this package. It gives you a 149-degree vision behind your car and works well at night.


Car 12-Volt Mini Fridge

A crisp soda or bottle water is exactly what you need to keep a road trip moving, therefore every car should contain one. Thanks to its 12-volt power connection, this ultra-efficient fridge will keep up to 6 cans cold for every mile of your travel.


The Extractor Tool

For each member of your family, you must purchase an Extractor. You never want to imagine that something bad will happen, but if it does, the Extractor will be there for you. This unbreakable device can cut a seat-belt, smash a car window, and save your life when it matters most.


Back Seat Organizer

When you get these organizers installed, the kids will have no excuse for trashing the backseat. With nearly ten pockets of varied sizes, they have more storage than your organizer. Cups, Kleenex, and umbrellas will all have their own specific areas.


Cup Holder Food Tray

When you have this cup holder tray placed in your car, you’ll feel so posh that you’ll start hunting for a chauffeur. With an adjustable arm and non-stick base, it conveniently eliminates the mess and risk of setting your meal on your lap.


Vehicle Camping Tent Window

To go camping, you don’t need a camper; all you need is a little help from this SUV camping tent. It fits over any model of SUV’s door and window and gives the airflow you need for a good night’s sleep. It has a screen to keep the pests out, so don’t worry.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System

It’s not a good idea to guess at your tire pressure. This clever monitoring device is precise, simple to use, and aids in keeping a better check on what’s going on inside all that rubber. Install the app and the caps to feel safer and more secure while also reducing wear and tear on your vehicle and saving money on gas.


Vent Putty Dust Remover

With this handy glob of goo, you’ll be able to get the dirt you can’t see out of places you didn’t think you could reach. The putty can wipe out those teeny-tiny cracks and crevices. It has a pleasant lemon aroma and won’t make your hands sticky.


Hands Free Amazon Alexa

The more time you can spend with your palms on the wheel, the better, and this simple gadget can help you do just that. The Amazon Alexa for automobiles reacts to voice commands for things like weather, navigation, ordering food, listening to music, and more, keeping yourself and your passengers safe.


KeySmart Key Holder

If you have the KeySmart, you won’t have to fidget with your keys if you ever need to jump in your car and go right away. The small organizer fits nicely on your keychain and can carry up to twelve standard-sized keys


Car Power Inverter

When you have a spouse who can drive as you type, being a digital nomad is simple. This vehicle power inverter is ideal for both nomads and families. It takes electricity from the 12-volt converter and distributes it to up to two laptops at the same time, all while safeguarding against short circuits.


Anti-Slip Dashboard Pad

Put your key fobs, phone, and other vital belongings in this valet tray instead of your cup holders. The non-stick grip pad grips your dash and your belongings firmly and won’t slip or slide, even if you come to a sudden halt.

It may amaze you how vital these gadgets would be for your vehicle as you travel from here to there. You won’t always need the big things to make a difference, small accessories like these will get the job done.