These Tips Can Prevent Your Vehicle From Being Stolen

How secure is your car? Did you know that over 800,000 cars were stolen in the year 2020? This is according to analysis from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), an alarming 9.2 percent increase from the year 2019. While you may think that your car and its contents are safe in your neighborhood or driveway, it is advised that you take caution to secure yourself.

Although car theft figures are high, content theft is much higher and is much more common than you may think, however the figures related to these incidents are undisclosed and are difficult to measure as they are often under-reported. What measures do you take in order to protect your vehicle and its contents while you are in or outside the car? We have gathered some simple steps for you to take to protect your car and its contents from theft.

8. Keep Your Car Doors and Windows Locked

This must be one of the easiest ways to secure your car. When you aren’t in your vehicle practice locking the doors and closing the windows. Here’s why. Having your windows and doors open serves as an invitation for a would-be burglar. Property crimes are often committed once there is a window of opportunity, opened doorways and windows are an opportunity to gain access into your car.

7. Keep Your Car Keys Safe

The simplest way to steal a car is by having access to the key. According to the Insurance Information Institute over 200, 000 vehicles are stolen with keys left inside, this works out to approximately 209 vehicles daily.
You should never leave your keys in the ignition of your vehicle whether you will be away for a few seconds or walking a few meters away. Never keep your spare key on the inside of your vehicle or on the outside of your home, this makes it easier for thieves to take your car. Always keep your key attached to your body.

6. Park In A Secure Area

Parking your car securely plays a major role in its safety, try parking your car in a secure private garage with limited public access. If you do not have access to a garage, be sure to park your car in a well-lit area to deter thrives. Avoid remote areas because thieves like these areas most, look for security cameras and park close to them, this will deter the thieves.

5. Remove Valuables

Did you know that leaving you purse on the front seat of your car can attract thieves? Visible valuables can potentially attract would-be burglars. Avoid leaving valuable items locked in your car for persons to see, try utilizing the trunk of your car or putting items under the seat. Grocery bags are also a target for burglars, avoid this practice to discourage thieves.

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4. Protect The Wheels of Your Car

This tip may seem bazaar but your car’s wheels are also at risk of theft, approximately $1 million dollars in tires are stolen annually in the US. Wheels have a high resale value and are easily removable. To secure your wheels and prevent theft, using devices like lug nut locks and wheel clamps makes it more difficult and is discouraging to thieves.

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3. Install An Active Car Alarm

Installing or activating an alarm system helps to keep your vehicle safe. When the alarm is triggered, the car makes a loud noise which is a clear deterrent to a thief. These alarms may be triggered by opening the door, attempting to turn the car on or touching the car while the alarm is engaged. Thieves definitely don’t want the attention alarms bring.

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2. Installing Safety Devices

You may be thinking that the steps listed before should be enough to ensure the safety of your car, however there are a few more safety devices that can be utilized for security. One such device is the steering wheel lock; this device attaches to your steering wheel and immobilizes it until you unlock it. The second device is a vehicle immobilizer, this prevents the car from starting without the key, this also curbs the ability hot-wire. These devices make it difficult for burglars and creates a greater risk of getting caught.

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1. Insure Your Vehicle

This tip may be the most important in keeping your vehicle and belongings safe. Although the above tips are useful, they are certainly not fail-proof, therefore auto insurance should be considered. Comprehensive car insurance policies ensures that you will be compensated for loss or damage if your car is stolen.

Have you been practicing any of the tips above? These simple precautions can be a major deterrent to thieves and help to give you peace of mind. Don’t be a victim of theft, be cautious and take the necessary measures to secure you vehicles, its contents and yourself.