8 Best Turbocharged Hatchback Cars For 2023

Turbocharged cars are fast and powerful and can be fun to drive if you know what you are doing. You may be surprised to know that some of these cars are hatchback models which make them both fast and great vehicles to carry the extra load because of their room capacity. Make no mistake when it comes to these cars they are very special and will certainly be worth their weight as a good car to own and drive, see which cars made the cut!

The cars on this list are quite extensive at a good price but still has a punch. If you are looking for a good turbocharged car, then these may be the pick of the crop at a good deal.

#8 Ford Fiesta ST

Price: $21,340
The Ford Fiesta ST is a small sleek looking turbocharged hatchback that produces 197 horsepower. It gives you 25 mpg for city driving plus 32 mpg for highway driving. Ford is known for making great cars and the Fiesta is no exception, this will surely turn some heads.

It is a sleek looking model that is beautiful and elegant with all the lines and curves. If you are the kind of person that loves the Ford brand, this may be a great choice. This car may fool many people but it is very fast.

#7 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

Price: $39,500 – $40,650
The Audi A3 Sportback e-tron is an exciting looking turbocharged hatchback. It produces 204 horsepower and is a very fun car to own and drive. The car still has the Audi signature look and as a hybrid, it can give the best of both worlds if you so desire.

The Audi is the most expensive car you will read about today. It looks sporty and the electric motor allows this car to develop quickly. It is also better on fuel due to using electricity and fuel combined. It is still turbocharged so no need fuss about what this car can do.

#6 Honda Civic Type R

Price: $36,995
The Honda Civic Type R is the most powerful turbocharged car on this list with a 306 horsepower output. It gives you 22 mpg for city driving plus 28 mpg for highway driving. Honda has been known for producing some very fats and reliable cars, no doubt this car will perform.

The Honda is much pricier than most of the cars in this list and has more horsepower as well. It is less reliable on gas as some of it’s counterparts, but for the extra gas, you get extra fun. That is if you love the extra power. One look at the picture above will

#5 Hyundai Veloster

Price: $18,900 – $28,450
The Hyundai Veloster is a very potent turbocharged hatchback that produces 147 horsepower. It gives you 25 mpg for city driving plus 33 mpg for highway driving. The Veloster is not as powerful as the Veloster N but it can still pack a punch making driving fun. This car can hold its own on the road as sleek but fast turbocharged.

The differences between the two cars are very minor except for what can be found under the hood. If you want the style without the extra power then this is a good option for all Hyundai lovers. If I was you, I would still check out the Veloster N just in case as one never knows.


#4 Volkswagen Golf R

Price: $40,395 – $41,495
The Volkswagen Golf R is the most powerful turbocharged hatchback of the Golf line with a horsepower output of 292. It gives you 21 mpg for city driving plus 29 mpg for highway driving. Despite not looking as sleek as the GTI, it holds its own when it comes to looks.

For those who don’t know, Volkswagen is known for making plenty turbo charged cars. You will find quite a few of them on this list because they are durable and very fast. The Golf is very equipped to handle many of the cars it meets on the road day to day.

#3 Hyundai Veloster N

Price: $27,600
The Hyundai Veloster N is a very powerful turbocharged hatchback with a horsepower output of 250. It gives you 22 mpg for city driving plus 29 mpg for highway driving. It is a very well designed car in my opinion and could very well pass as a sports car. This car is very stylish and has all the looks of a fast car.

It isn’t the fastest car out there, but with the turbo and its looks, it may intimidate some of the other cars on this list and those with more power. That is obviously until it is put to the test, then one would know how fast this car can go. Anyway, its a reliable car with lots of perks so be sure to check the specs out.

#2 Volkswagen Golf

Price: $23,195 – $23,995
The Volkswagen Golf is a slower turbocharged car than its GTI counterpart and produces 147 horsepower while giving you 29 mpg for city driving plus 37 mpg for highway driving. This car is a bit timid to the GTI but car lovers will find it a cheaper option that performs well. Volkswagen is known for making good cars, if you are looking for a reliable turbocharged car then this or the GTI version would be a good pick.

#1 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Price: $28,695 – $37,745
The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a great turbocharged car that produces 228 horsepower and gives 24 mpg for city driving plus 32 mpg for highway driving. The car has a very sleek and inviting look that makes it a very popular choice among car lovers. If satisfaction is what you require for a good price, this car is a good pick, its fast, but it is also reliable and good on gas.

Not everyone loves turbo cars, but many people do. These aren’t the fastest on the planet, but this isn’t only about being quick on the draw, but about having a car that will last. It isn’t always possible to have a fast car and not have to spend a lot of money. With these cars above, you get the best of both worlds and at a good price.