8 Of The Weirdest Motor Sports

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There are many types of motor sports in the World today. Some of them are considered weird and even crazy to try. Despite the danger some of these sports may pose many people love doing them and without regret. You will be amazed at some of the motor sports you will see here, take a look at these 8!

#8 Swamp Buggy Racing

The swamp buggy is tractor looking boat that is fast, it is equipped with a V8 engine and the back wheels are more like paddles while the front seem to steer the boat.

#7 Pig N Ford Racing

The race starts off by taking a pig from a box next to the track. You then crank start your vehicle and race around a circular track. Once you reach where you started, you exchange the pig and repeat the process again in order to win the race.

#6 School Bus Racing

School buses that have been repurposed to race on a track challenge each other around a track to see who can cross the finish line first after a number of laps.

#5 Lawnmower Racing

Competitors take what was standard lawnmowers to mow the yard and make them brute beasts for the race track. The sport is very popular in many Countries with asphalt and off-road racing.

#4 Formula Off Road

It takes nerves of steel to try what these drivers do as a motor sport. The powerful vehicle is projected towards a steep hill to reach the top. It may sound easy but the terrain makes it very difficult.

#3 Sand Drag Racing

It speedsters with their insanely fast machines. The only difference is the terrain which as you guessed is sand. So instead of slicks all racers use tractor like tires for a proper grip.

#2 King Of The Hammer

This off-road motor sport is based on rugged terrain which includes climbing hills and maneuvering around stony areas en route to finish the trail first.

#1 Hydroplaning Iceland

This sport combines power, special tires and lots of water to make hydroplaning a motorsport.