8 Best Extreme Terrain Vehicles On Earth

  • Anderson Cox
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There are some places most vehicles can’t go either because of water or super rugged terrain. Some automakers have now made it easier for people to go places once thought difficult. These vehicles are super durable and willing to take on most terrain, here are the best 8!

8. Polaris Rampage

The Polaris Rampage is a beast in its own right. It has a top speed of 60 mph due to a 1000cc Polaris RZR engine. The tracks help the vehicle to traverse over most terrains.

7. Frontier 750 Scout 8×8

The Frontier 750 Scout 8×8 has the capability to traverse through water and land. The scout is powered by a 4 stroke OHV V-Twin air cooled 747cc with 26 hp. It also has the ability to tow 1400 lbs.

6. Tinger Track S500

The Tinger Track S500 has a top speed of 22 mph and can travel through most terrains. Its tracks are propelled by a 3 cylinder, 812cc engine that produces 57 horsepower.

5. Hagglunds Banvagn 206

The Hagglunds Banvagn 206 is a great vehicle for cold climates. It has tracks to help it traverse most terrains. Army models carry a 6 cylinder, 2800cc diesel engine. It has a top speed of 32 mph.

4. Shaman 8 Wheel All Terrain Vehicle

The Shaman 8 Wheel All Terrain Vehicle is a 8 wheel monster. It boasts a 3000cc diesel engine and all the wheels can turn make it maneuverability a breeze.

3. Ripsaw EV2

The Ripsaw EV2 is a beast and is probably the fastest vehicle with tracks. It can do over 65 mph and has a V8, 750 horsepower engine. It is also considered a luxury super tank.

2. Sherp

The Sherp is probably the most popular extreme terrain vehicle. To some its considered the ultimate survival machine. Its powered by a Kubota-V1505-t / E3B engine that produces 44 horsepower. One of the key features of the Sherp is the wheels that enables it to go on land and water.

1. Burlak Amphibious

The Burlak is a powerhouse and is used for expeditions to the coldest places on the planet. Its powered by a 4 cylinder, 75 horsepower engine and has a propeller for when it hits water.