8 Best Cars From The Tokyo Motor Show 2019

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Car shows happen quite often within any given year and the Tokyo motor show is no exception. This show has revealed some new cars, either concept or production. Technology and design has the automobile race in high gear. Due to these factors, the Tokyo Motor Show has some exciting cars to see and here are 8 of them!

#8 Mazda MX-30

The Mazda MX-30 is a compact SUV crossover. The back doors of the vehicle open backwards similar to some high end luxury vehicles. It is powered by an electric motor and charges on 240 volts.

#7 Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon Concept

The Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon Concept is all about maximizing space, in this case the height of the vehicle. The vehicle is very roomy, making exiting and entering a breeze as your head has lots of clearance.

#6 Nissan Ariya Concept

The Nissan Ariya Concept is expected to become a production crossover. The vehicle is electric powered and can charge quickly. It is expected to have Nissan’s ProPilot driver assistance system.

#5 Suzuki Hanare Concept

The Suzuki Hanare concept is a serious complex vehicle. It is almost like having a mini luxury RV. It is a smart vehicle with seating facing each other. It is an autonomous vehicle so you sit, relax, watch TV or do some other leisure-able activity.

#4 Suzuki Waku SPO concept

The Suzuki Waku SPO concept is a shape shifting car, it is almost like having a transformer in your midst. All is required is the push of a button on your part. The car is fitted with some of Japan’s latest technology.

#3 Toyota LQ Concept

The Toyota LQ Concept car is an intelligent car with technology based for comfort and safe driving. The technology integrated into the LQ is all about the driver’s experience using a number of things to keep you alert and comfortable.

#2 Mitsubishi MI-TECH Concept

The Mitsubishi MI-TECH Concept is really an in depth vehicle. The wheels on this beauty can spin left or right enabling the vehicle to do unusual maneuvers. The buggy is a hybrid and uses a gas turbine which uses almost every fuel available.

#1 Toyota E-Racer Concept

The Toyota E-Racer Concept car looks fast and stylish, it also looks like something from a Tron movie. However the model before you is a simulator for electric formula 1 driving and doesn’t actually drive. There are plans to eventually make the design an actual car in the future.