7 Most Ultimate Off Road Vehicles

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The has seen some serious off road vehicles throughout the years. Yet time and again, better more powerful trucks make their way on the scene to out do what was once considered the best. The off road trucks are now faster, luxurious and more powerful. Some of these trucks look menacing and can definitely match their looks in performance, here are the best 7!

#7 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6

The G 63 has 6 axles and packs 554 horsepower. It comes equipped with a 5.5L turbo V8 engine. You can expect that this Mercedes packs a wallop.

#6 Karlmann King

The Karlmann comes equip with a fridge, TV and tables. It packs a V10, 6.8L engine and weighs about 13,000 pounds. It is considered a very expensive off-roader.

#5 Hennessey Goliath 6×6

The Goliath packs 705 horsepower for speed and pulling power on any terrain. It is a customized machine built from a Chevy Silverado and it is said only 24 will be built.

#4 Rhino GX Executive

The Rhino is a rugged powerful off-road vehicle that looks like an armored truck. The inside looks like an office and has the luxuries to match. You can trust this V8, 6.7L, 440 horsepower beast.

#3 Roshel Senator APC

The APC looks like a high tech army vehicle. The truck comes with extra components for the military but civilians can have theirs without any special gadgets. It packs a 330 horsepower V8, 6.7L engine. (Military Edition pictured here)

#2 Rezvani Tank X

The Tank X packs a whopping 1,000 horsepower and is a military style off-road vehicle. The 6.2L, V8 engine will make you feel you are driving an off road super car.

#1 Devel Sixty

This 6×6 off-roader comes with a 720 horsepower engine but has an option for 1500 horsepower. It has a 6.75L, V8 engine that isn’t only powerful but fast.