7 Great Hacks For Any Vehicle Owner

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If you own a vehicle chances are you may have encountered one or more of the problems I am about to mention. It doesn’t have to become a bother for you if you have first hand information on what to do. These hack ideas will make your auto owner experience easier so check these 7 important hacks!

#7 Ice-proof Windshield

You can ice-proof your windscreen by making a solution of half vinegar to half water. Mix in a pray bottle and then apply to your windscreen before it starts to snow. If you haven’t tried this before, you should and see the difference.

#6 Windshield Cleaner

Use windex to clean your windshield and car windows it works great. Windex is used to clean windows at your home so why not clean your windshield as well. It helps get rid of dirt and other particles water alone wouldn’t remove.

#5 Car Garbage Container

Your car can get dirty easily especially when you have kids in the vehicle. You can fix this by attaching a small garbage disposal into the vehicle.

#4 Dash Cam

It is a great idea to place a dash cam in your car as it helps if you happened to get into an accident. It cam also provide needful footage that can help in other ways. Many individuals were able to prove they weren’t responsible for an accident due to cam footage.

#3 More Weight During Snow Fall

Having more weight in the trunk of your car can help with traction, but it only works for rear wheel or all wheel drive vehicles. The idea is to use bags of salt to weigh the vehicle down and the salt can be helpful clear snow.

#2 Seat Warmer

If your car doesn’t come with seats that generate heat you can buy something that does the same job. You can buy a plug in seat warmer, just plug it into the outlet of the vehicle. These are handy during the winter months.

#1 Cool Tech Viper SmartStart

If your car can work with the Cool Tech Viper SmartStart, then you should have it. The app installed on your phone and integrated with your car can do great things. You can start your car by remote and let it run, this helps great during winter time. It also unlocks the car’s doors and alert you if someone else tries to move your car.