7 Builds To Look For At SEMA 2019

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The SEMA show is a popular automobile builder’s delight. Many auto enthusiast come together to show off their creations as they transform these vehicles. This year is just as exciting as any other, here are the 7 builds I think you should look out for!

#7 Volkswagen Jetta GLI

Volkswagen have brought this Jetta GLI to SEMA and boy is it even better than the original. They chose H & R to improve on the car’s handling and also added some bigger wheels.

#6 Shelby-Dragon-Snake-Concept

Shelby transforms this 2020 Ford 500GT into a powerful dragster. It comes equip with a 5,2 L engine and dual clutch transmission. The name “Dragonsnake” was used in the 1960s for its dragster model.

#5 Honda 1968 S800 Coupe

The Honda 1968 S800 Coupe at the SEMA show will be a customized version. The car dubbed “Outlaw” will join a list of other Honda models on show. The car had the original engine rebuilt which originally was 791cc.

#4 PaxPower Ranger Raptor

PaxPower has transformed this Ranger Raptor into an off-road beast. The truck pushes 350 horsepower from a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

#3 Volkswagen Atlas Concept

Volkswagen has three models of the Atlas SUV. This one is the Atlas concept but there is also the Atlas Adventure and Basecamp concepts. All vehicles are suitable for off-road adventures and two for camping. It is also fitted with some H&R items.

#2 2020 Ford Bronco Off Road

This 2020 Ford Bronco is built for the rugged outback racing. It has a V6 under the hood to give it plenty of power. This truck is expected to be seen on the racing circuit very soon.

#1 Ratical Hot Rod

No SEMA show would be complete without a hot rod and there will be a few. However you won’t find any that looks the way the Ratical hot rod will. Not much is known about the car right now but when SEMA starts officially that will change.