6 Of The Best Hot Rods You Will See On Show

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Hot Rods are very popular with many car lovers. There are many shows all through the year that showcase some of the best of the best. These machines are among the most powerful and exquisite automobiles on the Earth. Here are the latest winners in all their glory.

#6 1957 Chevy Nomad “Shomad”

This awesome Chevy owned by is a gem of car. This car has already won custom of the year at a popular car show.

#5 “The Mulholland Speedster” 1936 Packard

This 1936 Packard is a beauty. It has been well customized and has won the STREET ROD D’ ELEGANCE award.

#4 1930 Model A Sedan

This hot looking dragster recently won the Hot Rod of the year award.

#3 1932 Ford Sedan

This black beauty recently won the Street Rod of the year award.

#2 1969 “Inferno” Chevy Camaro

This cool looking Camaro won the Street Machine of the year award.

#1 1933 Roadster

This is one cool looking roadster. It won America’s Most Beautiful Street Rod award recently.