5 Best Kit Cars That Are Bang For The Buck

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Kit cars have been very popular for their ability to deliver what a buyer might require at a cheaper price. They can look sexy just like any of the more elite cars on the road and just as reliable. You will also find that your choices are numerous as many car developers go out of their way to make these beauties a reality. If you are into hot cars you might find these choices very desirable.

#5 CAV-GT40

Based on the Ford GT40 replica the CAV-GT40 looks awesome and is a show stopper.
It could cost you about $100,000 to have a CAV-GT40 with around 500bhp.

#4 Factory Five Racing-GTM

At top specs this car can produce 200 miles per hour.
This beast starts at around $20,000 but to get those numbers would require around $75,000.

#3 Race Car Replicas-SL-C

This beast of a car could handle 1000 horsepower.
Pricing can start at $44,000 but to have a real power house could require $80,000.

#2 Factory Five Racing-Type 65 Daytona

Model based on the 1964/1965 Shelby Daytona
Regular cost is around $21,000
Price is boosted when you upgrade engine choice.

#1 Ultima GTR720

0-100 mph: 9.4 seconds
Cost: $77,400 with full works
Standard price starts at $20,640