15 Best Selling Vehicle Brands In America

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There are quite a few vehicle brands that consumers can choose from. Some brands are very popular while others struggle to make some sort of impact. Some of the factors involved may include style and features that can vary by vehicle or brand. These very factors are what make some auto brands to be more successful than any other. Noteworthy is the fact that the top 6 vehicles saw an increase in sales while some of the latter saw a drop. Check to see which vehicle brands sell the most in the U.S.A.

#15 Toyota Highlander

Credit: Car and Driver

Sales: 239,438 Units

The Toyota Highlander is a great SUV very strong and reliable like the majority of Toyota brands are known for. It comes in at number 15 due to the number of sales it received in the 2019 period. Truly an outstanding vehicle that is worthy of the spot received.

#14 Ford Escape

Sales: 241,338 Units

The Ford Escape is a very reliable compact crossover and deserves a place on this list. This model has been available since 2000 and is a favorite among many Americans, it is no secret that Ford is a very dependable brand.

#13 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Sales: 242,969

Taking the number 7 spot is the Jeep brand with its well known Cherokee brand vehicle. The Jeep has been around for years but has gone through many design changes. You are guaranteed to love this vehicle and the ride and performance that makes this auto make this list. The Cherokee has dropped from the number 7 spot.

#12 Toyota Tacoma

Sales: 248,801

Toyota is a popular brand and the Tacoma is no exception, it is a very reliable pickup that is considered a hardworker. This model was first built in 1995 and since then has sold millions of units and continues to be a favorite among Americans. If you want a smaller pickup that still packs a punch then the Tacoma is your guy.

#11 Honda Accord

Sales: 267,567

The Honda Accord is an exceptional car and is one of the most popular and wellknown Honda car models anyewhere in the world. The Accord first appeared on the scene in 1976, so as you can see the model has a long history. Sales may have dropped a bit but Honda continues to do really well.